All aboard the Tejas Express

Here is my completely biased review of our journey from Goa to Mumbai & back, on the much-hyped Tejas Express.

Finding joy in a cup of chai in Vijayawada

Walking around the chaotic market area of Governorpet, we saw all kinds of shops. But what caught our eye was this brightly lit cafe called ‘Chai Coffee’.

KSRTC is awesome

The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation has some of the most ethical, friendly and hardworking staff I've met so far, always ready to serve you with a smile.

Kerala - You good people!

One thing you notice in Kerala are their impeccably clean buses and bus stands.

Our fancy ride to Cochin

We alight from the Ernakulam station and caught a bus to Cochin. The fancy colors were refreshing sight, unlike the buses in other states.

Goa to Kerala

Beginning of a new adventure. Destination Kerala. Our journey begins at the tiny Thivim railway station in Goa.