Kerala - You good people!

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Kerala - You good people!

Our bag had a seat for itself.
Our bag had a seat for itself.
Bus Stand at Aluva
Bus Stand at Aluva

One thing you notice in Kerala are their impeccably clean buses and bus stands.

Bus Stand – Kerala
Bus Stand – Kerala

Unlike bus stands in Maharashtra, which were just filled with filth and faeces all over, the ones in Kerala are a beauty.

You have to give credit to the people here. They do not litter, and making it a point to use dustbins. Even the bus drivers make sure to keep the buses clean. The bus driver, prior to starting the trip from Ernakulam to Munnar, took a minute to walk down the bus' aisle and clear any dirt left back by the commuters. That comprised of only one plastic bottle. Which he disposed off nicely.

The people here make it a point to keep their surroundings clean. Which makes me think - What the hell went wrong in Maharashtra?? Not that I have anything against people in Maharashtra, but the folks there were just too caught up trying to be as rude as they can to others.

A classic example being the guys at the inquiry counters at the bus stands. The folks in Maharashtra were just too rude and refused to converse in any other language besides Marathi. Their means of conveying information were some random Marathi words and dismissing you off if you asked more questions.

The folks in Kerala on the other hand were all to happy to give us information, point to where the buses would be and always smiled while doing their job. So hats off to you Mallus!

These are just a few things noted. More goodness will be documented later.

We are on our way to Munnar right now and I'm totally enjoying the time here in Kerala so far. Kochi was just out of this world. And the trip is only going to get better!

Time to take a nap now.

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