God Light at Pame, Nepal

Godlight at Pame

By the time we got to the Phewa Lake, we did not get to see the amazing reflections, thanks to the earthquakes and landslides that occurred a few weeks earlier.

An evening turned into an eternity

An Evening at Amona

You know how time just slows down sometimes? And you feel like you’ve witnessed the birth and death of the cosmos, in the span of just a few moments.

Priya and the friendly stray

Priya and the friendly stray

On most evenings, when we head out exploring our surroundings, we bump into friendly stray dogs. Me being the dog whisperer that I am, I tell the dogs to go to Priya – where they get a few minutes of love and affection. Here is one nice fellow who followed us around the river at Amona.

Bamnoli — A lesson in contentment

A boat ride on the Shiv Sagar lake, Bamnoli

After spending an enjoyable day at the breathtaking Kaas Plateau, not wanting to stick to the well-intentioned suggestions of everyone from friendly locals to online bloggers that the only place to stay the night nearest town Satara, we decided to take a local bus to the neighbouring village, Bamnoli.

A walk around Parra

Parra hill and fields

Rise and shine! Back to the waking-up-early-morning routine finally! This time for a walk around Parra.