Pangong Tso, Ladakh (Pangong Lake)

Pangong Tso (Lake), Ladakh

Day 7 of our trip to Jammu and Kashmir. To the Pangong Lake, it was! One of the most beautiful lakes in Ladakh. This is a short account of that day. All these photos were clicked using a Canon 1000D. I could not afford expensive gear back then. :P

The day was slightly overcast. But we decided to make the trip anyway. We hadn’t come all the way to Ladakh to miss the Pangong Lake. We hired an Innova and hit the road. The weather was perfect. A slight drizzle and some cold Himalayan breeze kept us from rolling down our windows. We started our ascent over some mountains and then out of nowhere, snowstorm!

Now, city and village boys that we were, the sight of all this snow around us, was amazing. We were like, “Dude, snow! Look, snow! Everywhere… snow!!” But our driver was not too impressed. Apparently, all this snow was not a good sign. He wasn’t pleased. And, after a while, neither were we. The roads were slippery and our car started to drift as we climbed up the mountain. All this drifting would have been a whole load of fun, had it not been for the crazy altitude we were at. Skidding off the Himalayas is a really big “Nope!” for anyone.

Approaching Zoji La

Houses on the way to Zoji La

We were on our way to Srinagar and had to make our way past the Zoji La. These are photos shot before we started the long journey through the crazy terrain of the Zoji La (also known as the Zoji La Pass). The landscape was out of the world. Jammu and Kashmir truly living up to being a paradise on earth.

Back from Stok

Back from Stok

After hours of trekking along the Himalayas in the rain, we finally got back to our base (place from where we started the trek), put our legs up and just soaked in the beauty. This was our view. The mighty Himalayas providing us a lovely backdrop.