Clouds, in Goa

Clouds, In Goa.

Sometime in 2015, I made some time-lapse videos. Unfortunately I never completed what I set out to do. So here are some clips of some – Clouds, In Goa.

An evening turned into an eternity

An Evening at Amona

You know how time just slows down sometimes? And you feel like you’ve witnessed the birth and death of the cosmos, in the span of just a few moments.

A walk along the Ashwem Beach

A happy dog at the Ashwem Beach

It was for one such sunset shoot that we drove for 40-odd kilometres from Old Goa to Ashvem beach on a beautiful summer evening. The sky was just the right kind of cloudy. The quiet beach was a perfect stretch of clean sand, happy dogs and a whole lot of wildlife, both alive and dead. As we lazily ambled around, enjoying the seaside breeze, sights and sounds, Lovell captured a few snapshots from the beautiful evening.

Shigmo at Ponda (Video) – Happy Feet!

Shigmo at Ponda (Video)

Here is a mash up of short clips that I recorded during the Shigmotsav celebrations that were going on at Ponda. Make sure to watch the entire video as the best parts are towards the end.

Mythology, Magic & Madness – Shigmotsav 2015, Ponda (Goa)

Shigmotsav 2015 - Ponda, Goa

Growing up as a complete city girl in Hyderabad, summer trips to the hometown of Udupi meant a lot of unfamiliar and fascinating things. Temple trips were a mandatory and non-negotiable part of the itinerary with us tiny humans, having no say in the matter. But the only thing I would pray for was some drama. Drama in the real primeval sense…

Viva Carnaval! — Scenes from the Goa Carnival 2015!

A float with a social message

Carnaval, 2015: Right now, even as the streets of Lisboa and Maderia in Portugal are abuzz with decadent merrymaking and celebrations and the streets of Rio De Janerio are putting on a flamboyant display of the risque, bawdy and beautiful, Goa is celebrating its own Indianised or should I say, Konkanised, tamer and family-friendly version of the carnival!

Burning of the old man!

A local kid with his 'Old Man'

Most of you probably associate New Year’s Eve with Goa, a boozy montage of crazy ‘beach parties’, merry dancing and wild nightlife illustrating your idea of this party land. But what you don’t know is that right around the same time that revellers from all over the world are bringing in New Year’s Eve either at perpetual traffic jams or at overpriced, smoke-filled and sweaty dance floors, an old tradition still burns strong in the tiny villages of Goa.