Qolşärif Mosque at dusk

Qolşärif Mosque, Kazan, Russia

It’s only when we reached the city of Kazan, our second stop on the Trans Siberian journey, that we were reminded of the Asia in Russia.

A walk along the Ashwem Beach

A happy dog at the Ashwem Beach

It was for one such sunset shoot that we drove for 40-odd kilometres from Old Goa to Ashvem beach on a beautiful summer evening. The sky was just the right kind of cloudy. The quiet beach was a perfect stretch of clean sand, happy dogs and a whole lot of wildlife, both alive and dead. As we lazily ambled around, enjoying the seaside breeze, sights and sounds, Lovell captured a few snapshots from the beautiful evening.

Of life, love, a new home and bird-watching in Carambolim

Bird-watching at Carambolim

Right from the day we moved into our new place, our lives seem to have taken on a whimsical, languorous quality. You know that feeling of a lazy Sunday afternoon spent curled up on a warm couch in the balcony with a cool, tall glass of iced tea and a book, as the pedestal fan that’s blowing a gust of fresh breeze on you, threatens to send you into a state of dreamy siesta? That pretty much sums up the personality of our new home. Not to say, that’s what we do all the time. But there is something about a new home that’s like a new relationship in bloom. And especially since we work from home and spend all our time here, there’s so much to discover, so much to love and so much to be worried about. Not the love of two passionate lovers, hungry to explore each other. But a more quiet kind of love which grows on you. For us, it was the new things we learned everyday. Like finding a beautiful golden patch of the evening sun on our kitchen table at the same everyday. Or the smell of tea brewing in the kettle as we stare out of our kitchen window, at the sun setting into the wilderness, filling us with a quiet sense of pride for choosing to live this life. Or even the horror of finding deadly wasps trying to make their new home in our window sill. We are learning to accept everything. The good, the bad and the crumbling plasters. For it’s ‘ours’.

Sunsets around India — And some photos of dusk too

Sunset at Dona Paula, Goa

Travelling around India over the past few years, gave me the opportunity to witness a ton of sunsets. A bunch of sunrises too, but then you know how lazy I could get sometimes, especially when I have to wake up early in the morning. I’ve wintnessed sunsets at Jammu & Kashmir, Kanyakumari, Arunachal Pradesh and Goa. That basically takes care of North, South, East and West. Okay, maybe I need to witness a sunset at Gujarat, then I would be able to tick off the Extreme West. Bottom line is, I’ve seen a ton of sunsets, and I’ve put them all here for your viewing pleasure, in no particular order, with a short snippet of each evening.

Leaves and Light

Leaves and Light

Between our various chai sessions (photo below), we decided to talk a walk around the Lotus Pond.

Sunset at Varca

Sunset at Varca

The skies took shades of blues and gold as the sun dipped down the horizon, at the Varch beach in Goa.