Three Months in Russia

Saint Basil's Cathedral

For the next three months, Russia is our home, our office, our stomping grounds and our chance to explore a new land, culture and perspective.

The Edge of the Ocean

Priya at the Kadike Beach

It’s quiet up here.
Filled with things no one wanted.
Things left behind.
A forgotten suitcase of abandoned memories.

An evening turned into an eternity

An Evening at Amona

You know how time just slows down sometimes? And you feel like you’ve witnessed the birth and death of the cosmos, in the span of just a few moments.

A walk along the Ashwem Beach

A happy dog at the Ashwem Beach

It was for one such sunset shoot that we drove for 40-odd kilometres from Old Goa to Ashvem beach on a beautiful summer evening. The sky was just the right kind of cloudy. The quiet beach was a perfect stretch of clean sand, happy dogs and a whole lot of wildlife, both alive and dead. As we lazily ambled around, enjoying the seaside breeze, sights and sounds, Lovell captured a few snapshots from the beautiful evening.

When the Howrah Bridge lights up

Howrah Bridge (Bokeh)

Everything is so crowded, yet seems so quiet. The dull roar of everyone’s thoughts is so loud that it cancels itself out. The Ganga is a bubble of calm in the chaotic city of Calcutta. The ferry approaches the Howrah Bridge and somehow, everyone stares in awe. They see it everyday. This colossal, utilitarian creature that has become such an inseparable part of the cityscape. Yet, this steel structure manages to evoke a sense of wonder in them. The too-bright orange hue emanating from the lamps that light up the bridge, reflect on their faces, revealing traces of a wide-eyed innocence, a remainder of a yesterday where everything was the same, yet so different.

So Long, Lonesome

So Long, Lonesome

She sits down. Feet crossed, palms on her thighs. He stood beside the seat, looking down on her petite form, thinking how she looked like a tiny, injured bird. Graceful, fragile and troubled. He wanted to pick up all the broken parts of her and sew it together.

The Birth and Death of a Day

Twilight at Old Goa

Afternoon shiftlessness. A lull. Slow boats to somewhere. Languor strikes. Lovely memories of Sunday meals so heavy. And tummy pains after. Magazines leisurely pored through. Or boring reruns endured. Absolute stillness. Oranges peeled. Dreams flirt with heavy eyelids.

Hello 2014!

New Year Bokeh

Let’s face it, it’s just very rewarding to start a New Year with a spanking new list of Things To Do. It makes your life seem so much more like the beginning of a feel-good rom-com than not. So, let’s go make that list! But let’s instead cut the inspirational and motivational and life-changing baloney and set some satisfying short-term goals, or tasks rather, for ourselves, that are easy to achieve, are highly joy-inducing and will never ever make you feel like a letdown.

I’m not here


Sometimes, I’m not here. When you are talking to me, watching my expressions change on cue with every word you say, I’m not here. I’m listening, but I’m not here.

Hello, goodbye. Or the other way around.

Into the light

It’s my last day of ‘living’ in Hyderabad.

I can never come back here feeling like the same person. But I guess no one really comes back to anything without changing. If you think about it, every tiny second in a day changes you in the smallest of ways you can’t see or imagine. You live a little more. You love a little more. A little more hurt, a little more learnt. You know what I mean?