A long time ago in Vengurla

Five years ago, a few of us drove from Goa to Vengurla, a small beachside town in Sindhudurg, Maharashtra. Approaching the Vengurla beach It would take you a couple of hours to reach the Vengurla beach, depending on where you depart from, and how fast you intend to drive. It is around an hour’s drive from Mapusa. Happy Dog Borders crossed, to the beach it was! We were greeted by some of the local strays, who were all too happy to see us. A bow wow wow here, a bow wow wow there. Vengurla Beach Vengurla Beach We were caught off guard, by a sudden downpour. Vengurla Beach But then there was the smell of wet mud. Wet mud. A dog at the Vengurla Beach There were more strays. Some came close. A dog at the Vengurla Beach While others stayed away, giving us their looks of disapproval. Poker at Vengurla The afternoon was spent playing poker. Vengurla Beach The air smelt fresh. Vengurla Beach The waves crashed in the distance. Vengurla Beach Footprints were left. Vengurla Beach The tides moved back. Vengurla Beach Vengurla Beach Vengurla Beach Just another evening at the Vengurla beach.