New Year. Same Old People.

2013 was coming to an end and a bunch of us old people decide to catch up and do old people things, while we ushered in the new year. We hung out at Super Glen‘s hideout and sat down to chat while we sipped on some awesome coffee and home-made sweets. Super Glen's Hideout We sang Christmas carols for a short while and then graduated to some more popular songs. And then some Boyzone too. Super Glen’s dad stepped out and welcomed us. We were glad to be using his roof that night. Daniel takes the guitar Guitar Boy Melanie Coffee and Cake Priya Pouting Guitar Boy Super gets some light The social butterfly, Nashvin, joined us a bit later and graced the occasion with his sore throat. Thanks to all the singing he had been doing over the past few days. Nashvin joins the party Nashvin Super Glen Nashvin sips on coffee The usual. Priya sticking her tongue out Regular Priya Nashvin Lovell D'souza Suddenly the folks at Emerald Lawns decided to launch some rockets into the sky, which led to Super getting one of his own, which was some five years old. Daniel and him were all too happy to launch the toxic rocket. It came crashing down somewhere at the back of Super’s house. No casualties were reported. Lighting a toxic rocket And then, the mandatory group photo. Happy People Happy People Again Melanie & Daniel Super made an amazing crib this year. Spiced up with a fully functional waterfall and wild animals too. Super Glen's Crib Super Glen's Crib Super Glen's Crib Super Glen's Crib And now, I shall leave you with some more photo from that night. A discussion Boys & Bokeh Bokeh Bokeh + Guitar Melanie Priya & Melanie Crazy Daniel Wishing you all a pleasant new year, 2014.