Music Fever

It was to be the ultimate performance by Music Fever at Leslie’s Molly Malones for the season and we all decided to head there and show them some love.

Music fever were joined by the famous Daniel Carneiro aka Francis for a couple of tracks. I decided to capture some footage, which will be turned into a music video soon. Here are a few photos from that night. Some clicked by me, some clicked by others.

The Bar at Leslie's Molly Malones

Below we catch a glimpse of the boys from Music Fever, Jonathan Zuzarte & Nashvin Cunha Gomes while I set up a camera.

Setting up

And once again the occasion was graced by the evergreen couple Melanie & Daniel along with Priya.

Daniel, Melanie & Priya

And moi!

Daniel, Melanie, Priya & Lovell

Folks wanted a photo of the two of us. So here, admire this.

Lovell & Priya

Mandatory rum and coke.

Rum & Coke

The girls liked this photo of Daniel. But he begged to differ.

Bad boy with us

Here we find a pack of locals in an uncontrolled environment, leaning in for a photograph. One tries to use his phone to assist in finding a bright spot for the camera to focus while another makes an attempt to photo bomb.

Focus gone bad

The beautiful couple once again, sharing a moment.

Favorite couple

Later that night, Daniel joined in the fun and provided us with some notes of his own.

Daniel joins in

White balancing.

White balance

Super Glen also flew by later and spent some quality time with us.

Glen & Daniel Nash, Glen & Daniel

And here we have the class act, Priya Ramachandran, doing what she does best. Sticking her tongue out at people.

Priya Toungachandran

While our good man Glen decides to check what was going on on Facebook.

Glen on Facebook

Now for some photos of that narcissistic handsome guy.

Lovell D'souza Lovell D'souza

Don’t know what went wrong here, but Glen flashed us a cute smile.

Glen Dias

And here are a couple of very joyful people.

Daniel & Priya

I shall now end this post with a few photos of some very happy people.

Glen Dias Lovell & Priya Nash, Melanie & Priya
You can find out more about Music Fever on Facebook and Reverbnation. Stay tuned for their music video, it is in the making!