Moments frozen in motion & poetry – Cinemagraphs on Happy Feet!

It is another evening in Old Goa. Another adventure. Another golden hour. Another beautiful memory in the making. An unexpected turn always leads to an undiscovered path and we feel like explorers setting foot on a new land… Our hearts brimming with that indescribable feeling of being able to look at things with renewed wonder every single day. There’s art around us in the way sun beams filter through thick foliage to create dappled light. There’s art in the way birds gracefully skim the water’s surface and soar back into the sky. There’s art In their constant chirping and singing. There’s art in the gentle and warm summer breeze that cools the beads of sweat on the back of our necks. There’s art in the silence of the unfolding evening. This inspires us to make more art too. Lovell wanted to try his hand at an interesting photography technique called cinemagraph, which combines motion and still photography to make beautiful moving pictures. I decided to dabble in haikus, a short style of Japanese poetry which requires you to follow a strict rhythm of syllables. So, armed with a camera and a notepad, we set out to make art, inspired by our beautiful new neighbourhood which is unravelling itself to us little by little, story by story. Here’s what we saw and felt.

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