An Evening with The Oldies

Yup! That’s right, the oldies! Evelyn, Danu Baby, Lesley and me. Three of us almost hitting our 30’s, one of us already way past it! I’m not gonna take names and map the ages here. But it was December (Christmas) and all of us were in Goa for once hence the meeting of old souls. We decided to meet up and grab some dinner at this beautiful restaurant in Panjim. Destination Vinete.

A nice heavy Goan dinner was consumed and we headed off to Dona Paula and caught up for a bit.

Dona Paula, Goa

My writing does not do any justice to the evening, so make sure to watch the video (on top). Switch to HD if you bandwidth allows you to indulge in that kind of stuff. The video also stars some famous characters like my father, cousin’s cool kid and the back of another cousin. All these clips were shot during the Christmas of 2012 in Goa!