A walk along the Ashwem Beach

Let me just come out and say it… Yes, we live in Goa. No, we don’t visit the beach every day! Not even once a week. Maybe, once in two months. But that’s just Miramar Beach, only because you can eat some delicious sev puri on the road leading to it. In fact, of all the times that we found ourselves on a beach lately, most visits have been thanks to complete strangers. Over the years, couples from across the country, who want seaside memories from their love stories, weddings, anniversaries or holidays captured for their progeny (or digital timelines), have trusted Lovell to do the job. And in the process of capturing their moments, we get to make some of our own. Thanks to determined lovebirds, who wake up early to be shot in the first light of the day, we have experienced many seaside sunrises that we otherwise would have dozed away. Thanks to the warmth of couples who let us into intimate moments in their lives, countless sunsets on the beach have been made extra special for us. It was for one such sunset shoot that we drove for 40-odd kilometres from Old Goa to Ashvem beach on a beautiful summer evening. The sky was just the right kind of cloudy. The quiet beach was a perfect stretch of clean sand, happy dogs and a whole lot of wildlife, both alive and dead. As we lazily ambled around, enjoying the seaside breeze, sights and sounds, Lovell captured a few snapshots from the beautiful evening.
Ashwem Beach, Goa

A nice cloudy evening at the Ashwem Beach, Goa.

Crows on guard. Keeping 'em pirates away.

Crows on guard. Keeping ’em pirates away.

A turtle's carcass at the Ashwem Beach

An inquisitive dog sniffs around a turtle’s carcass.

Turtle Carcass - Ashwem Beach

Crows too partake in the carcass investigation.

Turtle Carcass - Ashwem Beach

The carcass.

Turtle Carcass - Ashwem Beach

Another stray dog makes her way to the carcass.

Turtle Carcass - Ashwem Beach

Only to be surprised by the breaking waves.

Turtle Carcass - Ashwem Beach

But dinner is served!

Tracks in the sand

Tracks in the sand.

Marine Life - Ashwem Beach

Marine life. Spot the tiny crab.

A coconut washed ashore

A coconut washed ashore.

A Pond Heron at the Ashwem Beach

An elegant Pond Heron stands tall.

Lovell D'souza

Hairy man on the beach.

A Pond Heron at the Ashwem Beach

Another Pond Heron.

A Pond Heron at the Ashwem Beach

Yet another Pond Heron.

Priya at the Ashwem Beach

Priya, standing in front of the camera, while I (Lovell) click photos of a couple (blurred figures in the background) on top of a rock. The husband was not aware that they were being clicked.

A dog plays in the sand

Carcass scavenging dog rolls around in the sand.

A local stray watches the sun set at the Ashwem Beach

Watching the evening sun set into the Arabian Sea.

A serious Priya

A serious Priya.