Priya and Lovell are two not-so-young cool kids who fortunately met in Hyderabad (long story) during a photoshoot, got talking about life and agreed on the fact that society is messed up and continues to mess people up.

After indulging in sparkling conversations for around two years during which they worked on some cool stuff, they decided to go against all norms and quit their respective day jobs, in order to travel. Little over a month later, they pushed aside cultural, religious and all other pointless barriers and got married, on the blissful day of September 20th, 2013.

Now you can find them taking walks and mapping the routes, and backpacking around this beautiful country called India and making photo-stories as they move along. More about them below.

Priya Ramachandran

Priya Ramachandran

Priya Ramachandran was born in Chennai and grew up in Secunderabad, where she spent most of her childhood buried behind books. During her schools days, she was pretty much a geek who enjoyed trips to the library instead of the playground, which led to the unfortunate nickname, ‘Dictionary Johnson’. But she fit right in during her intermediate college days, where she got to study literature and history and read one book a day for two years.

She got herself a job during her college days, working as a part-time copywriter at an advertising agency, where she penned down jingles and did voice-overs for boring medical presentations, trying to make them seem more interesting than they actually were. She also doubled up as a hand model. Yes, its a thing!

After graduating, she decided to pursue her Masters degree in Arts at some of the renowned institutions in the country, only to realize that the education system in India was a sham, giving preference to illiterates, thanks to the ‘reservation’ system. And if wasn’t reservation, the institutions wanted to swindle a few lakhs off her. Hence she decided to take up a job instead and started working at South India’s widely read daily, Deccan Chronicle where she worked for three and half years, starting off as a reporter and later on, moving up the ladder to become the Chief Sub-Editor (a fancy word for someone who cleans other people’s work).

She then quit her job and decided to blow up part of her savings on a life-changing backpacking trip around Europe where she taught English to Spaniards and roamed around the cobbled streets of five beautiful countries for a couple of months. Once back, she start working once again, this time as the Chief Copy Editor at Times of India where she slogged for two years, ultimately realizing that all she was doing was rewriting other people’s words. Hence she gave up her media career to write words of her own and be on the road at the same time.

Lovell D’souza

Lovell D'souza

Lovell was born and brought up in Goa. He used to be a pretty smart kid in school, but like any other deviant teenager, he messed up his high school scores and did not land up in engineering college, much to the disappointment of a lot of people around him. The young kid was more focused on listening to metal music and playing football for his local club, which never really won many games.

He decided to major in electronics in college, because he was confused and had nothing better to do and also because his high school computer science professor made him hate the subject. In between all this, he managed to teach himself some HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySql and PHP, got a low paying job and then quit after a few months, as freelancing offered better returns.

Somewhere in between, this really cool company named Google decided to hire him, where he worked for 6 years and a month. His role involved building front-ends for internal tools, doing a lot of classified work, making videos, eating, playing football and doing more classified work. If your search experience on Google has been great, shoot him a “Thank You” note as he played a small part in doing some janitorial work at Google with respect to the same. But then the city/cubicle life got to him, and like any other smart man out there with a high paying job to flaunt, he quit.

You can now find him shooting weddings for pocket money, writing code and making websites, while he travels around the country, skipping baths whenever he can.

Whoa! You read the whole thing? Here is a cool gif of the two of them.