The Edge of the Ocean

Posted in Thoughts by Priya Ramachandran.

The Edge of the Ocean

A cheerless cobbled street leads you to her locked-up world.
No window sills with roses or geraniums here.
No magic or daydreams.
No laughter nor life.

It’s quiet up here.
Filled with things no one wanted.
Things left behind.
A forgotten suitcase of abandoned memories.

It once wasn’t so.
It once was a riot of colours.
A laudanum-induced delirium of a dream.
Of intense joy, unbearable sorrow.
And everything in between.

Life, the anesthetic, then did his business.
Numbing what once was aflame.
Freezing what once was frenzied.

A treasure chest of moments.
Anchored to the bottom of everything alive.
At the edge of the ocean,
her reflection just a watery spectre.
Drop a pebble and it’s gone.

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