Clouds, in Goa

Sometime in 2015, I made some time-lapse videos. Unfortunately I never completed what I set out to do. So here are some clips of some - Clouds, In Goa.

An evening turned into an eternity

Goan villages have this way of trapping you in a dimension where time meets space in a completely different fashion.

The Everyday Pursuit Of Happiness & A Ride Through The Divar Island

That urging need to ‘get away’ constantly has given way to a peaceful sense of exploration and a feeling of gratitude for an everyday life that we actually don’t want to escape from

Sunrise at Ribandar

I'm no early bird. It is very rare that I'm watching the sun rise.

A walk along the Ashwem Beach

It was for one such sunset shoot that we drove for 40-odd kilometres from Old Goa to Ashvem beach on a beautiful summer evening. The sky was just the right kind of cloudy. The quiet beach was a perfect stretch of clean sand, happy dogs and a whole lot of wildlife, both alive and dead. As we lazily ambled around, enjoying the seaside breeze, sights and sounds, Lovell captured a few snapshots from the beautiful evening.

Moments frozen in motion & poetry — Cinemagraphs on Happy Feet!

It is another evening in Old Goa. Another adventure. Another golden hour. Another beautiful memory in the making. An unexpected turn always leads to an undiscovered path and we feel like explorers setting foot on a new land…

Shigmo at Ponda (Video)

Here is a mash up of short clips that I recorded during the Shigmotsav celebrations that were going on at Ponda. Make sure to watch the entire video as the best parts are towards the end.

Mythology, Magic & Madness — Shigmotsav 2015, Ponda (Goa)

Growing up as a complete city girl in Hyderabad, summer trips to the hometown of Udupi meant a lot of unfamiliar and fascinating things. Temple trips were a mandatory and non-negotiable part of the itinerary with us tiny humans, having no say in the matter. But the only thing I would pray for was some drama. Drama in the real primeval sense…

Viva Carnaval! — Scenes from the Goa Carnival 2015!

Carnaval, 2015 — Right now, even as the streets of Lisboa and Maderia in Portugal are abuzz with decadent merrymaking and celebrations and the streets of Rio De Janerio are putting on a flamboyant display of the risque, bawdy and beautiful, Goa is celebrating its own Indianised or should I say, Konkanised, tamer and family-friendly version of the carnival!

Burning of the old man!

Most of you probably associate New Year’s Eve with Goa, a boozy montage of crazy ‘beach parties’, merry dancing and wild nightlife illustrating your idea of this party land. But what you don’t know is that right around the same time that revellers from all over the world are bringing in New Year’s Eve either at perpetual traffic jams or at overpriced, smoke-filled and sweaty dance floors, an old tradition still burns strong in the tiny villages of Goa.

Cycling around Parra

The time had come to relive the days when we used to once cycle like crazy, from Mapusa to Calangute and back, sometimes getting lost along the way.

A Goa beyond the Beaches this December

December is a rather strange affair in Goa. The laidback land finds itself invaded by an overzealous tribe of tourists… All of whom seem to have received the same memo, which states that if the end of the year is not spent clicking selfies on the beaches of Goa, then you might as well give up your FB check-in bragging rights for life.

Of life, love, a new home and bird-watching in Carambolim

Right from the day we moved into our new place, our lives seem to have taken on a whimsical, languorous quality. You know that feeling of a lazy Sunday afternoon spent curled up on a warm couch in the balcony with a cool, tall glass of iced tea and a book, as the pedestal fan that’s blowing a gust of fresh breeze on you, threatens to send you into a state of dreamy siesta?

Ganesh Visarjan at the Mapusa Market

What started out as an ordinary evening of grocery shopping in Mapusa got completely hijacked by a beautiful display of fireworks, loud music and an assault of bright lights in the distance. We decided to investigate and landed up in the colourful and chaotic Mapusa market, where the Ganesh idol, erected by the merchants of Mapusa, was being taken on a procession before its immersion.

Goa's Golden Hour – An evening at Torda

Even the most ordinary sights turn magical in an instant in the Golden Hour. Every blade of grass and every leaf gets outlined with a glint of gold, beautiful birds turn into silhouettes and people.

Viva São João – The Feast of St. John the Baptist

Jumping in the well, indulging in feni, wine and a whole lot of merriment, Goan style! – Here is the story of my first São João experience. Viva Sao Joao!

Rains at Parra

There was a time when it rained at Parra. It rained. And then it rained. And after that, it rained again.

Parra Fields (Photosphere)

Goan evenings are lovely! Especially if you live in the villages which boast of open spaces, sprawling fields, clean roads, lush greenery and hill views on all sides. Which brings us to this delightfully dramatic evening in Parra. The puffy clouds perfectly cut across the evening sky, even as the coconut trees that line the fields, leading up to the St Ann's Church, sway with the chilly breeze and pose pretty.

Drops of Jupiter - Cover by Priya

Remember that time when a bunch of us recorded some songs at Nashvin’s studio? Well, we all gave it our best shots, but only one song that can be showcased. Here we have Priya doing the vocals. Accompanied by Daniel Carneiro on the guitar. Recorded, mixed, enhanced, etc by the one and only Nashvin Cunha Gomes.

Recording Songs at Nashvin's Studio

Our dear friend Nashvin finally has his recording studio open and running at Mapusa. A big step for him and an even bigger step for us good people (with great singing ambitions), who decided to visit him and put the studio to test.

New Year. Same Old People.

2013 was coming to an end and a bunch of us old people decide to catch up and do old people things, while we ushered in the new year.

Music Fever — It's My Life (Live)

Here is the video of Music Fever, performing It's My life, live at Leslie’s Molly Malones, Calangute, Goa.

A walk around Parra

Rise and shine! Back to the waking-up-early-morning routine finally! This time for a walk around Parra.

Music Fever

It was to be the ultimate performance by Music Fever at Leslie's Molly Malones for the season and we all decided to head there and show them some love.

The only moment we were alone

The sudden shutting out of the world’s chaos, madness, sorrow, joy, laughter, commotion, celebrations and everything else in between. A million screaming noises that constantly vie for your attention every living second, rendered powerless in a single moment. A bubble of nothingness, where life should have been.

An Evening with The Oldies

Yup! That's right, the oldies! Evelyn, Danu Baby, Lesley and me. Three of us almost hitting our 30's, one of us already way past it! I'm not gonna take names and map the ages here. But it was December (Christmas) and all of us were in Goa for once hence the meeting of old souls. We decided to meet up and grab some dinner at this beautiful restaurant in Panjim. Destination Vinete.

Football Time! PVC Parra vs Candolim SC

It has been a couple of years since I stopped keeping goal for PVC Parra. I had to take up a job at Google, in Hyderabad. With that went my numero uno shirt and I am not confined to a nice cubicle punching away at the keyboard and clicking the mouse like a madman while I churned away data and wrote some code. I picked up my flimsy Canon 1000D and decided to capture some photos of my good 'ol team in action without me under that goal post for a change.