Wet Puppy Nose

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Wet Puppy Nose

We stopped for a couple of days at Alappuzha (Alleppey) to slow down a bit and to relax. We had been on the road for more than a week and the fatigue was starting to kick in.

Finally time to relax and take it easy. #houseboat #alleppey #Kerala #India #travel #boat #backwaters #canals

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#Big #boat, #small boat, #house boat. #Kerala #India #backwaters #travel

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After spending some time on a house boat we decided to hit the streets of Alappuzha, explore the beach road and soak in the essence of the town. Which brought us to the Indian Coffee House.

Lunch at the #Indian #Coffee #House, by the #Alleppey #Beach. #Kerala #travel

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We are on a #lake #Kerala #India #travel

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Where we found this little fellow, barely a few days old, yelping and tottering around looking around for his mother, who was too busy basking in the sun to care. Priya fell in love with him and couldn't keep her hands off the soft pup with his shiny, wet puppy nose.

He was the center of attention of everyone there. From the manager of the store to the waiters and cooks who keep giving him treats. We fed the puppy some bread crumbs. He finally settled down and took a nap in the the shade. There were a more of these guys, but more about them later.

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