Priya near the Mattupetty Dam

Posted in Big Picture by Lovell D'souza.

Priya near the Mattupetty Dam

In a bid to escape the chaos of the busy Munnar town, with its horde of honeymooners and those same-cap wearing tour bus participants, we rode far and long to get to Top Station, steering clear from all the designated 'photo points' and 'tourist attractions'.

We went right past a huge bunch of tourists at an 'echo point' along the Mattupetty Dam reservoir and rode ahead to find our own quiet spot by the lake. We parked our bike and walked right to the end of a jetty-like stretch of land going into the water. A little retreat we made our own for the next couple of minutes. We admired the sweeping panorama and heard our 'hellos' and whistles echo away in the distance before we rode away to find a new adventure.

Sunrise at Devikulam
Earlier that morning, at Devikulam: The Myriad Colors of the Morning - Sunrise at Devikulam.

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