Evenings at the Capela da Nossa Senhora do Monte

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Evenings at the Capela da Nossa Senhora do Monte

Marie-dale & Rohit
A view of the alter. From the wedding album of Marie-dale & Rohit.

If I had to sum up Old Goa in all its glory in one single picture, I’d take you to the the Capela da Nossa Senhora do Monte. The Chapel of Our Lady of the Monte, as its name suggests, is perched prettily atop a hillock in Old Goa, which overlooks the gorgeousness of our beautiful neigbourhood. Once you climb up that steep hill, making your way up the magnificent stone steps that leads to the chapel, the view that greets you is breathtaking. You have the ruins of the towering St Augustine’s in the distance flanked by the Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel and the Royal Chapel of St Antony. Closer to us is the beautiful Sé Cathedral with its grand bell tower and the Church of St. Cajetan with its flawless dome towering over a sea of tall coconut trees. Meandering through this scene of lush green perfection is the Mandovi River as it winds its way around these churches and around the river islands of Divar and St Estavam. You see ferries making their way up and down the breadth of the river. You see a train making its way atop the railway bridge cutting across the scene. You see birds soaring across the clear, expansive and uninterrupted canvas of the sky. You see the sun setting down this awe-inspiring work of nature, gently down the hills in the distance. You see yourself falling in love.

Twilight at Old Goa
Twilight at Old Goa. Source: The Birth and Death of a Day.

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