Travel Resources

Traveling around India is no easy task. Here are some resources and a few hacks that have helped us (and might also help you) to get around. This page shall be constantly updated as we move along. Ctrl/Cmd + F your way through this page. [hr]


90di Website Results This is one hell of a brilliant no-nonsense travel search engine which aggregates information from airlines, buses and the Indian railways websites. Not only does it combines the train and flight routes to show numerous traveling route possibilities, but it also connects directly to the bus and airline websites, and Indian railways to get seat availability information in real-time. You even get information of the number of seats available for upcoming journey dates and a lot more! Website: 90di. [hr]

Waytogo by Cleartrip

Waytogo by Cleartrip If 90di is too much a pain to the eye, you then have Waytogo by Cleartrip. It has a much cleaner interface with a better user experience, but is not as comprehensive as 90di. It is a great resource to find out routes and modes of transport though. You can read more about it on Cleartrip’s blog. Website: Waytogo. [hr]

IRCTC Windows App

IRCTC Windows App This app comes as a huge relief after having to use the lousy IRCTC website for booking train tickets. The app is way too cool for my (Lovell) liking, and I’m shocked that IRCTC even entertained the creation of an official app. Gotta thank Microsoft for taking the trouble and getting this done, even if they got paid a ton of tax payers’ money in return. The app allows you to save passenger information and other details, so you don’t have to feed in the data every time you book a ticket. You can check the PNR status, cancel your ticket and even view train routes on Bing’s lousy maps without being in the constant fear that your session will time out for no reason (IRCTC user will know what I’m talking about). The word in the market is that the app is blocked from 8 am to 12 pm, which means you can’t book tatkal tickets. I’ll test that out and update this space soon. Update: The app is blocked during the above hours. You can’t even check your PNR status on it. IRCTC continues to remain dumb. Download the app here: IRCTC Windows App. [hr]