Football Time! PVC Parra vs Candolim SC

It has been a couple of years since I stopped keeping goal for PVC Parra. I had to take up a job at Google, in Hyderabad. With that went my numero uno shirt and I am not confined to a nice cubicle punching away at the keyboard and clicking the mouse like a madman while I churned away data and wrote some code. I picked up my flimsy Canon 1000D and decided to capture some photos of my good ‘ol team in action without me under that goal post for a change. We headed off to the Dr. Gustavo Monteiro stadium in Candolim. One of my favorite grounds in Goa. Favorite because it is one of the few grounds that have a decent playing surface, unlike most of the hard mud grounds that we play on otherwise. Favorite also because I had some of my best performances here. Here are a few photos captured from the second half onward. Our strikers missed a ton of chances (as usual) and we landed up losing 0-1 that evening.
Dr. Gustavo Monteiro Stadium
Start of the second half
Game on
Lawrence takes the goal kick
Opportunity missed
Saved again
Goal mouth nonsense
Parra vs Candolim
Defense alert
And the ball is cleared
Fatso referee
Some more action
Opportunity missed
Easy collection
Smack the ball
No. 9
PVC Player
Pado doing his thing
The beautiful game
In air action
Some time to relax
Tired players
Fat referee cracks a joke
Up and over the bar
Free kick
The game
Smack on the face
Another opportunity missed
Goalkeeper jumps to punch
But misses
Another easy save
Frantic moments in front of the goal
And yet another easy save